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Thu May 4, 2017

Blackened Cheeseburgers with Bacon and Louisiana Remoulade

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Blackened Cheeseburger

In the early years of dating my (now) wife, we frequented a burger joint by her school called Island Burgers and Shakes. It wasn't necessarily the quality of the burgers that was the draw, but the shear variety you could choose from—about 30 unique combinations, plus make your own. I grew fond of a Cajun seasoned blackened burger topped with pepper jack, bacon, and a spicy mayo and it became my go-to on just about every trip there. Intensity of flavor is always a hook for me, and that crusty, spicy sear paired with peppery cheese, hot mayo, and smoky bacon may sound over the top to some people, but I loved it. I don't think we actually ever returned to the shop after she graduated, and that burger had pretty much faded into the past until a burger-themed Meatwave back in February, when it creeped back into my head and prodded me to make it, and I'm glad I did because the delicious results brought back some fond memories.

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Thu Mar 16, 2017

French Onion Burgers

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French Onion Burger

Having a blog where I commit myself to delivering a new recipe every week requires some deep exploration and thinking to keep the content at least somewhat fresh. This mentality sends me on hunts for grilled goodies the world around with no corner too obscure to become fodder for the collection. In this pursuit, I often become blinded to the more common options sitting right in front of my nose, opting for items like Indian kati rolls over more simple things like sandwiches or hot dogs. So when I decided to make my last Meatwave a hamburger affair, at first I resigned myself to that translating to the production of no new recipes, but then I wised up and realized that burgers themselves are a treasure trove of content as my ideas for dressing them up are limitless. So I present to you what comes out of my head when I pivot to the classics done with a touch of Meatwave flare—French onion burgers.

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Tue Nov 24, 2015

Thanksgiving Turkey Burgers

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Thanksgiving Turkey Burger

Last year I took my inevitable Thanksgiving leftovers and pressed them into an incredible panini. Between those two toasted, crusty pieces of bread, the flavors of roast turkey, sugary-tart cranberry sauce, sweet and savory cornbread stuffing, and rich gravy combined into a killer sandwich that captured all the comforts of the holiday in one bite. I thought that for those looking for a smaller scale Thanksgiving meal, this would be a perfect flavor-packed substitute. But it would also require cooking each ingredient separately—not very practical. So it left me thinking—how could you capture a similar experience with days of work? That answer: Thanksgiving Turkey Burgers.

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Tue Jul 21, 2015

Mini Gyro Burgers

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Mini-gyro Burgers

I have to start out this post giving credit where credit is due—these mini-gyro burgers are a direct inspiration from MP Taverna in Astoria, Queens mixed with a Greek-America gyro loaf recipe devised by my editor at Serious Eats, Kenji. Although the translation of trying to make a really good gyro-inspired burger ended up being pretty direct, the road to it came with some learnings on building a small-scale burger for the grill, and striking just the right balance between this being able to be considered a burger, but still taste distinctly like a gyro.

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Wed Apr 6, 2011

Asian Turkey Burger with Sriracha Mayo

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Asian Turkey Burger

Those filling their Twitter and Facebook with meat probably have already noticed that this Meatmaster has broadened his horizons past grilling and into the world of condiments with the new column Sauced over at Serious Eats. So far I've been loving ditching the bottle and learning how to make an array of sauces from scratch, and was reminded of one of my favorite condiments of all times—Sriracha mayo.

My friend Blair introduced it to me when he served bison burgers that had a generous coating of mayonnaise mixed with Sriracha on the bread. Since then, I've always had a bottle of it made, in the fridge, providing insurance that there will never be a Sriracha mayo emergency in my house. Thinking of best uses for this stuff, I thought a turkey burger would be an excellent vehicle to let a lot of the great flavor of the mayo to come through by using a lighter tasting meat, but first, I had to make a turkey burger that didn't suck.

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