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Thu Mar 16, 2017

French Onion Burgers

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French Onion Burger

Having a blog where I commit myself to delivering a new recipe every week requires some deep exploration and thinking to keep the content at least somewhat fresh. This mentality sends me on hunts for grilled goodies the world around with no corner too obscure to become fodder for the collection. In this pursuit, I often become blinded to the more common options sitting right in front of my nose, opting for items like Indian kati rolls over more simple things like sandwiches or hot dogs. So when I decided to make my last Meatwave a hamburger affair, at first I resigned myself to that translating to the production of no new recipes, but then I wised up and realized that burgers themselves are a treasure trove of content as my ideas for dressing them up are limitless. So I present to you what comes out of my head when I pivot to the classics done with a touch of Meatwave flare—French onion burgers.

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