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Thu Jul 13, 2017

Indian-spiced Ribs

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Indian-spiced Ribs

I view ribs much in the way I do chicken—a blank slate just waiting for any type of introduction of flavor. Ribs offer me a great way to experiment with rub and sauce pairings, and my love for that can clearly be traced by venturing through my now twenty-plus rib recipes I've amassed. I feel like no matter what theme my Meatwaves take on, I can always think of a rib recipe that could fit in. While crafting an Indian-inspired menu for a cookout last year, I made a bet that I could use all the spices that were seasoning my chicken and veggies and put them together into a rib recipe that would be both awesome and like none other I've done before, and that's exactly what I got with these Indian-spiced ribs.

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