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Tue Jun 19, 2012

Herb-Encrusted Baby Back Ribs

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Herbed Encrusted Ribs

In the world of barbecue, it's so easy to have tunnel vision and see ribs only as rubbed down and slow smoked beauties. Sure there's lots of a variety in there—dry, KC sweet, Memphis tangy—but it's still a narrow view of what can be so much more. That's why I was so excited when I first saw these herb-encrusted baby back ribs on Another Pint Please, forcing me to expand my worldview of ribs, and I knew I just had to try time.

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Tue Feb 14, 2012

Kansas City-Style Ribs

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Kansas City Ribs

Life in a sea of ribs. That's how I've been living recently as I try to come up with my final competition recipe before the first comp in the end of March. While I'll still probably live and die by Mike Mill's ribs for my personal taste, those may not score well with the current trend of sweet toothed judges. So there have been many stops along the way to find the right amount of sweet, while staying true to myself with a balance of spices and heat as well. These Kansas City-style baby backs were instrumental in finding my way to a well rounded, yet sweet, rib.

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Thu Jun 2, 2011

Meat Tips: Cutting a St. Louis Style Rack of Ribs

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Coffee-rubbed Ribs

By far, my favorite cut of ribs are a St. Louis style. This rectangular rack trimmed from a full rack of spare ribs provides the great flavor of spare ribs with the uniformity and manageable size that you get from baby backs. When first starting to learn how to barbecue, I'd go to Whole Foods to pick up racks already trimmed to a St. Louis cut, but I was paying a premium to have the work done for me, so I quickly learned how to butcher these at home, which is quite easy once you learn how.

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Thu Jul 31, 2008

Ribs Gone Tropical

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Pineapple Braised Ribs

I have to thank the barbecue gods for Mike Mill's Apple City Ribs. That recipe has provided me with rib perfection, leaving no good reason to stray, but for the sake of diversity, I decided to go out on a limb and try something a little different. If I was going to venture into the new, I wanted it to be in uncharted Meatwave territory, leading me to a recipe that featured different flavors (pineapple, honey, garlic), different method (braising), and a different pitmaster (the great Chris Lilly).

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Mon Oct 8, 2007

Pork Jerky

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Jerk Ribs

Now this story I'm about to unfold took place back in September, just about the time when I was finishing up my travels and settling back into my regular meat eating activities. I only mention it because sometimes there's some ribs - I wouldn't say the greatest ribs - but sometimes there's some ribs that are just the right ribs for that time and place, fits right in, and those are these jerk ribs, in New Pork City.

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