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Tue Dec 6, 2011

The Next Wave of Meat

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It's a new day at the Meatwave!

As you can see, I've been hard at work at a snazzy new design. Pretty sweet, right? Although I've poured hours upon hours into a redesign, that's not the biggest ready for it....the Meatwave will be starting a competition barbecue team.

That's right, the fury of the Meatwave is ready to be unleashed outside of my backyard and the tubes of the internet into the competition barbecue circuit, but I can't start this team without all of my loyal, meaty minions. I'm enlisting all of you to help me build a team and take the Meatwave to bold new and exciting places.

Your support will not go unrewarded. First, as I consider all you part of the Meatwave, you will now also be an intergal part of this new extension. You'll be able to follow the formation and going-ons of the team right here on the blog, and if you happen to be in the competition area, you're welcome to come support me in person and enjoy a rib or two. Second, I have a line up of awesome Meatwave perks to shower on you including buttons, totes, barbecue sauces, and even a barbecue feast that can feed up to 20 people!

So I invite to steak your claim on the Meatwave team as we further spread the Meatwave gospel!

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  • BBQ Billy says
    I'm super excited you are entering the circuit! It's a ton of fun, and I have no doubt you'll do well. Hope to see ya around!
    Posted Tue, Dec 6 2011 4:28pm
  • 02
  • Tim says
    This is too cool! When does the "wave" start?!
    Posted Wed, Dec 14 2011 4:55pm
  • 03
  • Josh says
    @Tim The first competition I plan on doing is at the end of March. The backyard barbecues start around Memorial Day each year...but I'm barbecuing year round--going to do 3 pork butts and 2 briskets tomorrow night!
    Posted Wed, Dec 14 2011 4:59pm
  • 04
  • BBQ Billy says
    Does this mean we'll see you at Grilling' on the Bay?
    Posted Wed, Dec 14 2011 5:58pm
  • 05
  • josh says
    @BBQ Billy if fundraising keeps up, then yes!
    Posted Wed, Dec 14 2011 6:21pm
  • 06
  • BBQ Billy says
    3 full months away... You'll pull it off I'm sure! It'd be a great time. I've done several at this point, and GoTB is one of my favorites. So much fun, and local!
    Posted Wed, Dec 14 2011 6:32pm

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