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Mon Sep 29, 2008

Meatocracy Rules

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Meat Vote

With the dire times we're currently living in, it's more important than ever to express your rights in our glorious Meatocracy. Make a vote for meat by leaving a comment letting me know what you'd like to see or eat this weekend at the final Meatwave of the season, Yes Meat Can. Working together, I'm confident the Meatwave will be triumphant!


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  • ketherian says
    So soon? We'll be barbecuing until the snow covers the back porch and it's too cold to shovel it clear.

    As much as I love the fancy dishes available to the serious barbecu-er, I still prefer the classics:
    * One large steak (your cut of choice), marinated in olive oil, red wine, and herbs, cooked to perfection on a gas grill.
    * Corn, still in their husks, steamed on the barbecue and served with lime butter.
    * Baked potatoes, their jackets crispy and their centers cooked to a near-creamy consistency.

    Tonight will be my second time portioning a whole chicken and barbecuing it all with lots of barbecue sauce. It's fast and pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Best of all - if done for two, it provides lots of tasty leftovers.
    Posted Mon, Sep 29 2008 1:25pm
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  • josh! says
    @ketherian: The grill isn't packed away for the year, only the bi-weekly, everyone's invited events are ending.

    There should be plenty of more meat coming :)
    Posted Mon, Sep 29 2008 2:10pm
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  • mfs says
    Posted Mon, Sep 29 2008 5:15pm
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  • mfs says
    delicious burgers!
    Posted Fri, Oct 3 2008 10:47am
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  • rick says
    make my vote MEAT.
    Posted Fri, Oct 3 2008 1:06pm
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  • josh! says
    It looks like we'll be having some burgers, jerk chicken, and a double dose of corn (grilled corn and cornbread).

    Oh, and let's not forget the dulce de leche ice cream!
    Posted Fri, Oct 3 2008 4:53pm
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  • Pete says
    Just like Sara Palen said, Im just your average Joe six pack, so you're darn tootin, burgers, jerk chicken and corn sound good to me...ashy yam-turds?
    Posted Sat, Oct 4 2008 4:58pm
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  • DocChuck says
    Frankly, I was NOT impressed with one of your recent "blogs" about North Carolina, about our Southern food, and about YOUR suggestion on how to "dress" our barbecue.

    If you're interested, you can read my feelings about your comments on my blog.
    Posted Sat, Nov 1 2008 4:58pm

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