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Tue Jan 20, 2015

Greek Chicken Wings

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Tangy Greek Oregano Wing

My fondness and understanding of Greek cuisine is only natural having lived in the heavily Greek neighborhood of Astoria, Queens for over twelve years now. Those identifying fresh and acidic flavors are so ingrained in me that I find them influencing my everyday cooking, whether it be Greek or not. So when considering yet another chicken wing variation on my month long quest for new and unique recipes, I turned to the Greek food I know so well to give these wings that distinct salty, tangy, and bright flavor that dominates many ubiquitous dishes.

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Tue Jan 13, 2015

Spicy Cumin Wings

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Spicy  Cumin Chicken Wing

I use January recipe testing as an excuse to have a chicken wing gorge-fest. Wings are among my favorite things to cook—variations are limitless—and eat, so with the Super Bowl as a seasonal excuse, I pretty much spend the entire month developing and sharing new wing ideas. Having covered the standard territory and then some, I'm forced into creative new wing ventures, which is great because it leads me to things like these spicy cumin wings

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Tue Jan 6, 2015


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Moink Balls

As I start to write this post, I can't decide if it will have a negative or positive impact on my barbecue cred. Those well versed in their barbecue blogs are undoubtedly already well acquainted the MOINK ball—a food concoction attributed to Larry Gaian of Embers and Flame that consists of a frozen beef meatball wrapped in bacon and then grilled or smoked (seasoning the MOINK with a rub and finishing with a brushing of sauce is common, but not required). It's a fun, simple bite that's proliferated through the barbecue world on blogs, message boards, competitions, and backyards, so why would I want to mess with it?

I'm a total DIY guy, so in my eyes, the use of frozen meatballs actually inhibits the MOINK ball from true greatness. Why settle on a semi-dry packaged meatballs when you can make your own supremely beefy, tender, and flavorful ones from scratch? So, whether it's wrong or right in the eyes of MOINK ball purists, that's exactly what I set out to do.

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Tue Dec 23, 2014

Steakhouse Kebabs

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Steakhouse Beef Kebabs

As I look a week ahead, the season of large hearty roasts quickly shifts gears into my favorite food group—party foods. New Years kind of kicks off a month long obsession with meals comprised of bite sized portions as I use New Years Eve and the end of the football season as excuses to fill my diet with all the wings, nachos, and stuffed jalapeños my heart desires. To mash-up finger foods with comforting steak—another item I let into my winter rotation in unhealthy quantities—I bring you these steakhouse kebabs, delivering big beefy flavor on a stick.

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Tue Dec 16, 2014

Coke and Pineapple Glazed Ham

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Coke and Pineapple Glazed City Ham

I'm a ham fiend, but this sweet swine is usually relegated to a once-a-year occasion, when it takes center stage at my in-laws Christmas party. In that one night, I bask in the ecstasy of the cured and smoked meat, stuffing myself well beyond reason.

While I'm pretty well versed in ham consumption, when I was plotting to prepare one myself last fall, I realized that my experience cooking it was limited to a single prior attempt. Although it's a seemingly simple prospect—hell, the thing is already cooked—I learned that the devil is in the details and decided to do a test run, which led to this amazing Coke-and pineapple-glazed ham.

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