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Thu Feb 16, 2017

Indian-spiced Vegetable and Paneer Skewers

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Paneer Kebabs

There's a reason I rely heavily on skewers to feed my guests at a number of Meatwaves—they can be totally prepped beforehand, quickly grilled, and then easily consumed without the need for plates or utensils. My biggest problem with skewers though has been finding a variation for guests who are veggie inclined that can satisfy and fulfill in a way that sticks loaded with meat do. The only ones I've done so far that have meet that requirement were halloumi and veggie skewers, where that salty, squeaky Cypriot cheese added a heartiness that made a couple sticks feel like the start of a satisfying meal. So seeing cheese as a solution to a problem, I upped my veggie-friendly skewer game by taking on an Indian-spiced version featuring some excellent homemade paneer.

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Mon Sep 22, 2008

(Sans)Tandoori Chicken

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Tandoori Chicken

Indian is one cuisine I have rarely attempted to make at home. Since the closest grocery to my house abounds with Indian specialties, I always feel like I should be cooking it, but Indian recipes' lists of ingredients and procedures usually tend to be prohibitive, especially with such an inexpensive and delicious Indian restaurant only blocks away. Contemplating a move in the new year, I thought I should take advantage of the access I have to these spices and pastes and learn how to cook some of my Indian favorites. The grill, of course, was the first place I started.

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