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Thu Jun 12, 2014

Meat Tips: Coal Arrangments

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A Filimeato Feast

I get so wrapped up in my endless supply of recipes ideas, that I forget that I still have a lot of ground to cover here on the basics of grilling. So over this summer, I'm tasking myself to put up some long overdue guides on fundamental grilling know-how to make sure we're all the best grillers we can be.

To start things off, a primer on coal arrangements is needed. In almost every post, I mention either direct or in-direct heat, and mastering this difference, and all the in-betweens, is essential to becoming an excellent griller.


Thu Sep 5, 2013

Meat Tips: Lump vs. Briquette Charcoal

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Charcoal Test

It's a common occurrence that I'm poised with the question of which form of charcoal—briquette or lump—do I use an why. It's a fiercely debated topic in the grilling world with die-hard loyalists who will go to all lengths to defend their fire source. It's much more of a gray area for me, as I see the ups and downs of both and have reasons to pick one or the other based on the application. After receiving a bag of lump charcoal from Cowboy Brand, I decided to take this edition of Meat Tips to go through the different qualities of charcoal and pit briquette against lump and see how each fair within each category.


Thu May 16, 2013

Meat Tips: How to Smoke on a Charcoal Kettle Grill

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Smoking on a Kettle

There's equal comfort in both smoking and grilling at home for me—whether it be a 16-hour slow smoked pork shoulder or quickly fired skirt steak, both are easily achievable. I often forget that the recipes I post for smoked ribs, brisket, and turkey may seem daunting or unachievable to the standard backyard chef with only one kettle grill. This isn't the case though, and nobody should be denied the satisfaction of taking a large, tough piece of meat and transforming it into something of sheer ecstasy by smoking it low-and-slow—and yes, this can be accomplished on the grill.

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Tue Jul 24, 2012

Meat Tips: Butterflying a Chicken

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Butterflying a Chicken

Throughout the years of recipes, I often call for a butterflied chicken, to which there's always at least one comment asking how to do that exactly. So I thought it was time to resurrect the Meat Tips and answer this very important question. Whether you call it spatchcocked or butterflied—both refer the same thing—this method of preparing a chicken only takes a few minutes has so many advantages that every home cook should know how to do it.

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Fri Jul 1, 2011

Meat Tips: Throwing a Killer BBQ

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Yes Meat Can

The backyard barbecue is a thing of glory. I'm not talking about inviting a couple people over in the afternoon for grilled food—that's lunch—I'm exalting the times we get an ass load of meat, invite over a ton of friends, and spend the whole day by the grill—that's something special.

As the Fourth of July is upon us, there is no better way to celebrate our independence than a full-on, all-American barbecue. Throwing one may seem like a no-brainer, but it actually took me years of work to perfect this type of gathering. A lot of wisdom I'm about to impart may be second-nature to the more seasoned grillers, but there will always be those just starting out and everyone should know how to put together a really killer barbecue.

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