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Thu Feb 7, 2019

Barbecue Chicken French Bread Pizzas

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French Bread Pizza

It's hard to remember the last time I had a French bread pizza—it had to be while I was still in high school when boxes of Stouffer's pizza were not an uncommon item to find in our freezer. I guess once I left home, I also left behind French bread pizza altogether, and there really isn't a good reason for that because it's not like I didn't like this garlic bread and pizza amalgamation. When putting together a last minute Meatwave during an unseasonably warm Sunday this past December, I thought pizza would be something I could pull off on short notice, although pizza events always tend to a lot of work for me during the actual cookout due to the time and attention it takes to prepare pies with fresh dough. So I got to thinking how much easier it would be to swap dough for bread and, all of sudden, French bread pizza was back in my life!

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Tue Oct 28, 2014

Hot Soppressata Pie

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Hot Sopressata Pie

I really, really, really love my KettlePizza—it's the only piece of grilling equipment I've dedicated an entire post to. It goes against reason then that it's also my least used accessory as well. I'd like nothing more than be outside and quickly cooking one beautiful pizza after another in the blazing heat I can create in this grill-to-pizza oven conversion kit, but I have responsibilities to grilling recipes that always take precedence and force my pizza making ambitions to sit resting quietly in the corner. In an attempt to change that, I decided I should start sharing what comes out of my KettlePizza, since if I'm using it to produce content for the blog, it's certain to see more action. So from a grand pizza party I hosted over the summer, where there were numerous incredible pies, I wanted to introduce you to my favorite of them all—hot soppressata pizza with ricotta and fresh basil.

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Thu Sep 19, 2013

A KettlePizza Party

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KettlePizza Party

I'm not sure if I'd consider myself a true pizza aficionado—I couldn't tell you the hydration ratios of different doughs or the exact diameter of a classical Neapolitan pie—but like most Americans, I couldn't live without the stuff. I've eaten so much pizza at this point that I can certainly separate the exceptional from the merely very good (anything less is not worth eating in New York, except for the couple times a year I cheat and order in Papa Johns to fulfill some suburban longings). So take my love for cooking and fondness for pizza, and it makes sense that I'd be into trying to make this pillar of cuisine at home.

It's an unfortunate and harsh reality then that truly great pizza is often out of reach for the home cook, and I've spent years solidifying that fact to myself by cooking pizza in an oven with inadequate temperature to achieve desired results. So when the invention of KettlePizza came to my attention, I took attentive notice. It seemed like this kettle grill to pizza oven conversion kit would provide the base and heat needed to put the homemade pizza of my dreams within reach, but some misgivings experienced by early adopters left me waiting for refinement. It took a few years, but a recent post on Serious Eats finally dubbed the KettlePizza as nearly close to perfect with some modifications. That was good enough for me to jump on the bandwagon and seek out a KettlePizza, which I got a few weeks ago as a gift, and finally took on a test run this weekend to some stellar results.


Tue Jul 16, 2013

Barbecue Chicken Pizza

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Hudson Valley Ribfest

My first competition of the summer is coming up in a few weeks, and planning for it is slowly taking over every inch of space in my brain. I'm at a stage right now where I'm constantly going back and analyzing what I did last summer, and thinking of how to improve on that to be a real competitor for those top stops in each category, plus have a shot for the real glory in being awarded the honor of grand or reserved grand champion. For barbecue, this is pretty straightforward—continue working on my chicken, ribs, pork, and brisket recipes. For grilling, the question is much more perplexing, because within each category not only is quality of the dish key, but there is the added dimension of figuring out the right thing to cook that would appeal to a diverse set of judges.

Last summer I may have over-thought and overcomplicated things, making dishes that were delicious, but burdensome on myself as a cook with no real indication that exhaustive work would pay off with the judges. This barbecue chicken pizza is a great example—it's an incredible combo of toppings for a pie and I'm damn proud of it, but each ingredient needed to be individually prepped and cooked, and in the end, a well grilled pepperoni pie had the potential to fare as well or better.

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Tue Nov 1, 2011

Breakfast Pizza

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Breakfast Pizza

While I have you up and grilling sausages for breakfast, might as well take that a step further and turn those deliciously spiced patties into some extra special, breakfast pizza! While I was slightly apprehensive about what the results of this might be, it turns out that throwing an entire morning meal onto some grilled pizza dough is not only a great idea, it produces some incredible eats.

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