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Thu Apr 21, 2011

Grilled White Pizza with Four Cheeses and Herbs

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Grilled White Pie

This pie goes out to BBQ Billy, whose tweet reminded me all of the pizzas I've been grilling, but have never shared. There's a good reason to this, my pizza method has more or less stayed the same since my earliest attempts. Never-the-less, I've been awash in new pizza creations, and while I may not gleam much more inside in process, I can further tempt your taste buds with beauties like this white pie made with four cheeses, fresh herbs, and olive oil.

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Mon Jul 16, 2007

Go Grill Yourself a Pizza

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Swim Meat

The Meatwave achieves its goal of spreading the meat well, but it's often difficult to get people into the actual process of grilling. I'm always looking for ways of getting people up out of their chairs and to the grill side, actively involved in making their own food. A lot of what I cook is not well suited for this task, so I'm often my own worst enemy in enhancing the Meatwavers cooking experience, but I made up for this by having a party revolving around what must be the most interactive of grilling activities, pizza making.

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